Shibuya Ichiban

Are you a lover of Japanese cuisine? If so, Shibuya Ichiban is the place for you, offering a casual Japanese dining experience with hints of Peruvian gastronomy.

Located in the heart of Casa de Campo Resort and Villas’ ocean playground, La Marina- one of the Caribbean region’s most amazing and complete yachting destinations with its private and independent facility, fully equipped with unsurpassed modern amenities, featuring beautiful gardens, smart shops, art galleries, bars and restaurants on the ground floor and condominiums on the second level overlooking the stunning views of the Caribbean.

The restaurants servings look like works of art with options such as Atarashi Nigiris, Ceviche Rolls, Sashimi, Nori Tacos, the well-known Chahan Rice & Wasabi Pepper Steak, being the delight of the restaurant’s exclusive clientele.

A Japanese experience isn’t complete until you sip on their extended menu of chilled Sake. While sake comes in a wide variety of flavors like beer or wine, the experience of drinking sake is something else entirely. If you’re new to drinking sake, you’ll probably need to try different types of it before you find one that you prefer. You might even be feeling overwhelmed, or confused by the variety of sake choices and don’t know the best way to drink it- ask the bartenders and they will kindly help you pick the right one!

Enjoy a beautiful evening in a magical place, surrounded by art, good music, nature, and most importantly: AMAZING FOOD!

Address: La Marina, Casa de Campo
Reservations: 809.523.2244
IG: @shibuyaichiban

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