Casa de Campo Cats

Casa de Campo loves cats. No, not cool cats, but the feline variety. You can find them in most areas of the resort. Being in a tropical paradise and with so many woods around, the mice population was having a real “field day”. But, most pest control is also harmful to this perfect ecosystem. So, people resorted to the most “natural” pest control possible: cats. People started introducing cats into the villas and tourist areas. It worked. The cats are everywhere and the mice are controlled.

There isn’t any better place to observe these feline guests than Altos de Chavon. They are everywhere. Black one, white ones, black and white ones. All kinds and sizes. Some are very friendly since they are used to the many tourists that visit this beautiful artist village. They are fed so they are happy. And they have the run of the place. They are in the shops, restaurants, amphitheater…yes, everywhere.

It is also very interesting that there are many pigeons there and they seem to have an understanding with the cats. They all tolerate each other. It isn’t unusual for the pigeons to be walking around the cats. What you won’t see much of in Casa de Campo these days is mice.

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