The Living Room by Good Vibes

The Living Room is the perfect destination for people all ages who want to spend a special time with good drinks, good music, amazing finger food and most importantly, good vibes

Enjoy everything from locally brewed Dominican beer, to deliciously prepared classic cocktails while you listen to a selection of 80’s, 90’s or rock music played by our local Vinyl Dj and looking down to the breath taking view of the Chavón River and mountain scenery. 

The versatility offered by this space will make you feel at home, with its homey decor and laid back vibes. Whether you want to enjoy an amazing sunset while reading a book, or simply enjoy a chill, short night or a night full of dancing and “deep late conversations”! 

Come one, come all! Enjoy a different concept of day-life/nightlife in Altos de Chavón while lounging on one of The Living Room’s pink sofa beds or swinging on one of their hammocks. Relax in this luxurious ambiance with good music, drinks or even enjoy some table games!

Meet your friends or make new ones. It is easy in this space.

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