Parrot Fish

Dominican Republic's gorgeous sandy beaches are the home of the colorful Parrot Fish, responsible for creating most of the white sand beaches tourists and locals enjoy. The Parrot Fish bites off algae from the coral reefs, creating up to 200 pounds of sand a year.

If you are visiting the Dominican Republic, we ask you NOT to order this dish, since over fishing is almost vanishing the parrot fish from Dominican coasts and threatening the existence of its beaches.

After much hard work and great communication skills, Jumbo, the 2nd largest hypermarket of the country, got to spread this message worldwide by presenting the case at Cannes Lions, becoming bronze winners and making the Ministry of Environment of the Dominican Republic prohibit the fishing of the Parrot Fish, a very important step on advancing on the road to the ecological balance of the island.

Spread the word and protect our beaches!

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